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Time-optimal fold-out of a mobile concrete pump Project description. Mobile concrete pumps are used on construction sites to transport concrete from the cement mixer to the formwork. Such machines typically comprise a pump and a boom equipped with concrete convey pipes, see Fig. 1.

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2007 PETERBILT 357 Mixer Truck, Sling Truck, Concrete Pump Truck. 140,493 miles. 2007 Peterbilt 357 mixer truck we purchase all of our trucks new. This unit was recently pulled from our fleet. Cummins, Eaton Fuller 8LL, Schwing mix Beelman Truck Company - Website. East St. Louis, IL - 1,579 mi. away.

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Jul 20, 2021 · Building With Hempcrete 101. Hempcrete is used as a highly insulative wall material. It is a carbon-negative, natural, and lightweight construction material that provides highly efficient temperature and moisture control. It is also formable, dynamic, one-seventh the weight of concrete…

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The Open Mechanical Engineering Journal, 2008, 2, 84-92 84 Open Access Study on Automatic Spray of Distribution Boom System of Truck- Mounted Concrete Pump Shu-Wen Zhou, Li-Xin Guo* and Si-Qi Zhang College of Mechanical Engineering and Automation, Northeastern University, Shenyang 110004, China Abstract: Truck-mounted concrete pumps have been adopted in many construction projects.

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Apr 18, 2020 · Fig.15. (top) A truck-mounted pump and boom can conveniently move concrete vertically or horizontally to the desired location. (bottom) View of concrete discharging from flexible hose connected to rigid pipeline leading from the pump. Rigid pipe is used in pump booms and in pipe- lines to move concrete over relatively long distances.

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Mar 06, 2020 · The hydraulic flow rate requirement for both pumps is 18 gpm. "Several of our customers operate the concrete pump with excavators, backhoes and separate hydraulic power units," Blastcrete's president says. Blastcrete's concrete pumps are just another cool example of the vast variety of attachments on the compact tool carrier market.

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concrete to form the inclusions. Besides the necessary drilling equipment there has to be a concrete pump which feeds the upper side of the drilling tool through flexible hoses. Figure 4a. Diagram of the typical point of the hollow auger for displacement rigid inclusions. Figure 4b. Point of the hollow auger for displacement rigid inclusions

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Booms of modern mobile concrete pumps are vulnerable to elastic vibrations due to the light-weight construction. Although these vibrations can be effectively damped with appropriate controllers, the residual movement of the tool center point (TCP) during the pumping process is still uncomfortable for the workers guiding the end hose.

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May 23, 2002 · Compared with irredundant flexible manipulators, a FRM possesses additional possibilities during point-to-point trajectory planning due to its kinematics redundancy. A trajectory planning method to minimize vibration and/or executing time of a point-to-point motion is presented for FRMs based on Genetic Algorithms (GAs).

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A Concrete Pump is a mechanical device comprising of a round funnel shape hoper, pump outlet, rotating pressure and wear plates. Attached to the rotating pressure and wear plates are rotating pump cylinders and opposite the pump cylinders are a rotating wear plate. Pressed against the rotating wear plates is the stationary wear. A hoper outlet and a pump outlet flange are attached to the

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A squeeze or peristaltic pump for delivering concrete in which the concrete is transported along a cylindrical segment with an elastic squeeze member and squeeze rollers rolling thereon. The rollers are mounted on a rotor revolving in a housing, in which said squeeze member consists of a flat, rubber elastic belt defining a squeeze chamber, together with a rigid outer wall curved in accordance

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Nov 02, 2020 · Abstract: Tool-center-point (TCP) control increases the operating comfort of concrete pumps by shifting the control to the task space. The operation is accompanied by various requirements and constraints from the mechanical structure, the hydraulic system, and the operator.


What is claimed is 1. In a concrete pump of the type having a flexible hose for receiving concrete to be pumped therethrough, and having powered rollers advancing along said hose to squeeze said hose for collapsing it in the pumping process, and having means extending along said hose to engage said hose for placing said hose in its uncollapsed condition when said rollers have passed along said

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5.4 PUMP OPERATOR/HOSE-HAND When fitted with remote control facilities, the operator of a mobile concrete pump may operate as hose-hand and also control the concrete pump under the following conditions: • a site-specific JSA has been completed that addresses all issues relating to this dual function (refer section 2.4) • a worker is

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CONCRETE SYSTEM HZS120 Concrete Batching Plant fHZS120 stationary central mix concrete Plant is a versatile performer for wet batch operations. The unique material discharge improves concrete quality, while the compact footprint and low height minimize setup costs. HZS120 can produce 120 cubic meters concrete per hour with the twin shaft concrete mixer JS2000 which productivity is 120m³/h and PLD3200 four bins batching machine which batching …

Tool-center-point control of a flexible link concrete pump

Aug 26, 2019 · Tool-center-point control of a flexible link concrete pump with hydraulic limitations using quadratic programming Abstract: Tool-center-point control allows efficient and intuitive operation of a mobile concrete pump at task space level.

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The Vortex Studio Editor packages the tools needed to create, validate, and deploy simulations, in a single easy-to-use desktop application—replacing disparate tools and processes with a single, seamless object-oriented workflow. Built-in model and terrain editor supporting popular CAD and 3D model file types. Point-and-click modelling of

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May 23, 2012 · Estimation and control of the tool center point of a mobile concrete pump Automation in Construction, Vol. 61 Navigating with highly precise odometry and noisy GPS: a case study**This work is supported by the company Safran.

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a part model by superimposing the flexible-body de-flection on the motion of rigid-body. The postproces-sor tool in MWorks [15] is also improved to support the nephogram animation of the deformation. As an example, a boom system library of the concrete pump truck is developed. And the simulations cover-

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Keywords Concrete pump truck, boom system, dynamic and control, rigid–flexible coupling Introduction Concrete pump truck has the advantages of flexibility, high efficiency, and good pouring quality, so it plays an important role in infrastructure construction and national economic development.